SusaHee Performance - Susanne Helmes
is a new format for collaboration that is located on the island of Mallorca. It is meant for students and professionals in Performance Art, Dance and Music and Literature in order to combine different approaches in group activities and make it one thing.
Flipbook V Summer2020 - Susahee
18 - 28 of June 2018
A midsummer night´s dream (fragments)
Flipbook IV Summer2018 - Susahee
FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee
19 - 29 of June 2017
Dancing a Landscape
Flipbook III Summer2017 - Susahee
In its third year, FLIPBOOK III will be realized by a variety of artists connected to SusaHee Performance. Furthermore it is open to new people with curiosity and an open mind.

Dancing a Landscape
is this years work title

We go out to different locations in the neighbourhood: villages, small towns, harbours and of course we explore again the mediterranean landscape. Again, we collaborate with Ca`n Timoner an independent cultural association in Santanyí. Furthermore, this year FLIPBOOK is in collaboration with the Fundació Pilar y Joan Miró a Mallorca, Palma.

The participating artists come from Mallorca, the Spanish Mainland and from different European countries. There will be brainstorming and working in the studio, relaxing on the beach, cooking and eating and...

Public Performances:

Santanyí, Marketplace 11.00 - 13.30, Solo Performances and Intervention and Can Timoner 20.30, Open-Source Performance Flipbook (video)

Parque Natural Mondragó, all day walk, look, listen, discover, do... or not

Fundació Pilar y Joan Miró a Mallorca a Palma, 11.30 - 15.00, Solo Performances, Open-Source-Performance

Porto Colom, 19.00, Harbour Walk with Open-Source-Performance y Solo Performances

Alquería Blanca, Plaza, Market 11.00 - 13.30, Solo Performances, Intervention Restaurant Sa Residència, C/ La Torre S/N, 19.30 Open-Source-Performance

FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee    FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee
Flipbook III Summer2017 - Susahee
Flipbook III Summer2017 - Susahee

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21. - 29. June 2016
A workout of ideas within ones proper technique and a collaboration in movement, sounds, images and scenes

FLIPBOOK will be this year in collaboration with:
Ca`n Timoner - a cultural association in Santanyí.

What makes a place worth living?
Is it the community, is it the topografie of a very certain space, is it peace, is it wealth... is it the love for a person, for the family... is it the work... is it the internet access.. or Feng Shui... is it a smell or a certain sound or the image of a landscape that makes a place worth living? Is it a geographically defined space anyway... or ...may be a state of mind... an emotion... is it in the past and becomes a vision... how real is this place?

Public Activities:
24.6. Porto Petro, 17.00, Open-Source-Performance
25.6. Parque Natural Mondragó (todo el día) ,Solo Performances, Open-Source-Performance
26.6. Santanyi, 20.00, Ca`n Timoner, C/ S´Aljub 24, Santany,Solos, Open-Source-Performance
27.6. Porto Colom, 19.00, Puerto, Walk, Open-Source-Performance
28.6. Alquería Blanca, 21.00, Restaurant Sa Residéncia,Open-Source-Performance

Done ! An unexpected journey
with: Dorina Harangus, Fabien Montmartin, Neus Tamayo Picanyol, Mercedes Prieto Malero, Paco Vicedo, Susanne Helmes and others

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See also: Facebook. Susahee, A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE

Flipbook II Summer2016 - Susahee
FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee
The project starts with a rather theoretical concept - leads into a fruitful gathering and exchange in art and personal relationship - and it is not ended yet..... Most of the participants do not know each other. They all come with an open mind and a perfect skill in their very own proper field of expression.
Movement, painting, acting, dance and music give and take from each other.
It is a discovery of no-sense that encourages each one to do something new and unexpected. It is a peaceful occupation of space and time. Space is designed and time becomes rhythm.
FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee    FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee
FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee    FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee
A good place to live is made by people. This is easy in the closed atmosphere of the studio, it is more difficult in public places and even more in a day-to-day situation.

FLIPBOOK II shows that it is possible to open up, to be without prejudice, to put the own ego into a common idea and keep a good humour. We are not landed yet...!

A good place to live is the title of a work-in progress and research about what makes a place worth living in the actual context of change and migration in society.

FlipbookSummer2016 - Susahee
Photos by: Miquela Mesquida, Mercedes Prieto Melero

Summer Dance and Performance Project

21. - 29. June 2015

Notes on choreography
A workout of ideas within ones proper technique,
and a collaboration in movement images and scenes

FlipbookSummer2015 - Susahee
Studio Alquería Blanca
Work / Rehearsal: Studio AZUL, Alquería Blanca
Live: Finca with bedrooms, living room, bath, kitchen and terrace/garden,
situated nearby the village Alquería Blanca and the sea
Relax: Beaches 3 km away - Nature Resort Cala Mondragó
S´Amarador - Cala Mondragó
SusaHee Performance. Alquería Blanca
Tel.: ++34 6367 400 32
e-Mail: susahee[@]